Chase Employment in the US

Chase Employment in the US

Explore your options under business immigration law in Farmington, MI

Many people come to the U.S. for employment opportunities. If you have a job lined up in the U.S., you'll have to apply for a workers visa. The Law Offices of Sheeba Khan, PLC in Farmington, MI can help you navigate business immigration law. Our attorney will work with you on your application and help you during every phase of applying.

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Helping clients apply for the right kind of visa

There are many different kinds of workers visas that you can apply for depending on the kind of work you do. Our immigration attorney helps clients apply for:

  • J-1 exchange visitor visas
  • H-1B specialty worker visas
  • H-2B seasonal worker visas
  • M-1 vocational student visas
  • O-1 extraordinary ability visas
  • L-1 intracompany transfer visas
  • Green cards for nurses or physical therapists

Attorney Khan also helps clients seeking F-1 student visas. You'll meet with our attorney to discuss your options under business immigration law and determine what kind of visa you should apply for. If you want more information on visa options for nurses, reach out to us today.